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Our Partners

    We work to form mutually beneficial values-based partnerships with carefully selected nonprofit and private-sector American companies to supply any special needs and services.  This "domestic outsourcing" strategy has been an invaluable aid in helping the VeteranShield Project to hit the ground running and achieve scalability quickly.

    In each case, our board solicits a minimum of three competitive bids from independent U.S. suppliers for each contracted product or service we require.   Following each board vote, copies of all research and bids remain on file for public inspection.

    Our approved suppliers meet all of the following criteria: 
  • 100% American based and staffed, using the maximum amount of domestic materials possible, with all processes in every step of manufacture completed in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor;
  • they have demonstrated their solid support for the growth and furtherance of the VeteranShield Project, by funding and actively promoting a VeteranShield Corporate Sponsorship Program within their own community or employee group; 
  • their on-site owners and/or managers are capable of suggesting imaginative solutions and making quick decisions, and are committed to a Kaizen mindset: i.e., achieving small continuous improvements that eventually result in huge advantages for our membership;
  • they understand and appreciate our organization's business strategy of encouraging private-sector "co-opetition" in fully developing the VeteranShield Project;
  • they are established companies that :
    • have received a superior evaluation rating in impartial tests conducted by independent media outlets;
    • have exceptional track records within their product/service niche;
    • are judged to be able to provide the VeteranShield Project with the best value (not just the lowest price);
  • they are preferably privately-held, always fiercely independent, and strongly dedicated to providing the best products, services and customer support.  This last is very important, due to the unique requirements of the VeteranShield Project;
  • they have proven to us that they are stable, well-managed, and dedicated enterprises who maintain a strong entrepreneurial bent and a healthy balance sheet (little or no debt), and a focus on developing business goals for the long-term.  Many of the businesses are family-owned and family-run companies; many of our non-profit partners are long-established organizations with a similar entrepreneurial outlook.
  • they have a pro-active Veteran employment policy in place which states that they will consider, seek out, and recruit disabled and formerly homeless Veterans for any and all positions. 
        Our privately-held U.S. suppliers and their American workers and volunteers are proud to be associated with the VeteranShield Project, and many also support us on the volunteer level.  In addition, many of their people volunteer to serve on the advisory committees of the nonprofit VeteranShield organization, and provide us with their valuable technical and management expertise.


Our Current Partnerships:

    The VeteranShield Project is proud to award our first domestic outsourcing contract to Digital Pickle.

    Money Magazine has declared Digital Pickle to be the "best of the in-U.S. scanners" in an independent field test.  You can rest assured that your irreplaceable veteran photos and documents will receive the highest degree of specialized care and technical scanning skill while in their lab.  And we guarantee that you'll be absolutely delighted with the results!

    The management of
Digital Pickle is committed to working closely with The VeteranShield Project to provide our members with a completely safe and reliable experience.  Mr. Arik Paran, and his highly professional management and lab team, are currently assisting us in designing our own state-of-the-art digital scanning and processing facility, so that we'll be able to quickly achieve our goal of having all veteran-related scanning work performed in-house by our our veteran staffers and volunteers.  Furthermore, the DP folks have generously volunteered to provide free training to our veteran advisors, and quality-control consultation to The VeteranShield Project.

    We're pleased to make a special offer just for VeteranShield members: any other (i.e., non-veteran related) scanning work that our members send to Digital Pickle at any time in the future will receive an automatic 10% discount AND Digital Pickle will generously donate an addtional 10% to The VeteranShield Project.  Please click here for further details...
and get started today!

    All product design work for the VeteranShield Project is coordinated by our contracted primary design firm, E-M Designs.
    Possessing an extensive range of experience and innovative design disciplines, together with an impressive portfilio of engineering work across all industries, the management and design team at E-M Designs is able to handle any problem we throw at them, in a timely and highly-efficient manner.

    The lead concept designer for the VeteranShield Project is Mr. David Adam of AimDesign.  

    As a highly eperienced industrial design service company, AimDesign has been able to take the initial product concept behind the VeteranShield Project and create several truly beautiful and innovative prototypes, while providing a reliable form-follows-function approach to practical product design.

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