The VeteranShield Projectsm

                                                                                       ...It's not about glory; it's about Their Story.

Our Goals
                                                1.  Earn Trust and Money
                                                2.  Give Money Away
                                                3.  Be Creative
                                                4.  Honor
                                                5.  Pride
                                                6.  Friendship & Fun

Earn Trust and Money
We're determined to build a different kind of non-profit.  Rather than wasting valuable time and money by conducting expensive (and endless) direct mail fundraising programs or seeking government grants, we insist on earning our way.  That's why the VeteranShield Project has been designed to earn our main support where it matters the most: by positive word-of-mouth in the public marketplace.  By developing and making a wide range of high-profile and trustworthy Veteran recognition products and custom services, and operating private venues designed to publicly honor our nation's Veterans on the local level, we'll never have to bother with sending out constant pleas for additional money to keep our organization alive, nor will we have to chase politicians or government agencies for taxpayer handouts... Instead, we plan to earn our keep (and our reputation), by being paid for the valuable remembrance work our members do.

Give Money Away
Our main purpose in earning money is to fund the rapid growth of the nationwide VeteranShield Project and pay the expenses for the development and operation our own in-house Veteran work programs.  After that, we want to be able to provide money (and sponsored VeteranShield products and services) to support a wide variety of reputable charities who are involved in providing veteran-related support services, particularly those 501(c)(3)organizations who, like ourselves, work to assist disabled and homeless Veterans and their families to re-enter and succeed in the civilian world.

Be Creative
We're convinced that creative work is the highest form of endeavor.  As the pioneer in the personal-public remembrance field, we respect the amazing power of imagination.  That's why you can always trust us to continually strive to come up with the most innovative and effective Veteran remembrance products and services possible.  We believe that our commitment to being a truly entrepreneurial and learning-based organization will insure that our VeteranShield members will always have the absolute highest quality products, services, and means available to properly celebrate and publicly remember the lives, service, and sacrifices of their hometown Veterans.

We still believe in the redeeming power of honorable service to a worthy cause, particularly one that serves our nation's communities.  We live this belief by always striving for rigorous self-honesty and transparency, both personally and professionally, and by operating on a 100% results-oriented basis.  We know that what we're trying to do won't be easy.  We expect that we'll sometimes make serious mistakes, and in hindsight suffer serious regrets; but we will use those struggles to continuously build character within ourselves and our organization.  We are, after all, Veterans.

The pride felt by of our growing membership provides us with something far more important than mere money; as passionate VeteranShield Guardians and Curators, we know that our steadfast personal commitment to the continuous growth of the VeteranShield Project within our communities will ensure a steady supply of meaningful and creative work for our nation's homeless and disabled Veterans (and their families).

Friendship & Fun

    We're passionately committed to making friends and having fun through our work.  In fact, the best description for who we are is "a community of creative work."  We'll be bringing together, both virtually and in real-life, people from all walks of life to work side-by-side with formerly homeless Veterans.  By doing so, our local Volunteers and in-house Veteran Advisors will be able to share together in the satisfaction of performing meaningful and inspiring work to honor all our nation's Veterans.  We believe that the mutual enjoyment, close friendships and team pride that naturally result from jointly achieving such a valued accomplishment will go a long ways towards helping our formerly homeless Vets to gain a real sense of truly "belonging" back in the civilian world, at long last.

Here's what the "experts" have said about our long-range goals:
  • We've said we're planning to take honorably-discharged Veterans who are disabled and/or homeless, many of whom have, since their discharge, acquired histories as long-term PTSD and TBI sufferers, hard-core drug addicts, alcoholics, and ex-felons, and teach them to work together to design and manufacture the highest quality VeteranShields possible.  Then we're going to trust  them to oversee the growth and management of the largest public outdoor art project in the world.  They said "it can't be done."
  • We've said we're planning to take up to 250 formerly homeless Veterans, many of whom will be disabled, and teach them to work together to build our first model 400,000 square foot residential and commercial complex at our new home in California's central valley.  Then we're going to teach them to be graphic communication technicians, teachers, general contractors, truck drivers, and registered nurses.  They said "it can't be done."
  • We've said we're planning to develop and build a model state-of-the-art digital design and production facility, providing training and work in graphic communications, computer programming, web design, image processing, wide-format digital printing, and outdoor display manufacturing - while offering daily factory tours to the public  - together with a retail complex of Veteran-related theaters, restaurants, cafés, gift shops and bookstores, and teach our Veteran residents to operate it all successfully, without any professional help.  They said "it can't be done."
  • We've said we're planning to partner with colleges to get formerly homeless and disabled Veterans - many of whom haven't been in a classroom in years - to achieve at least bachelor of arts degrees.  They said "it can't be done."
  • We've said we're planning to replicate our model facilities across the entire U.S., wherever there is sufficient need for our Veteran recovery services and residential self-help programs and proven regional demand for the VeteranShield Project, products, and programs.  They said "it can't be done."
  • We've said we're planning to do all this by a process of each Veteran helping another, with volunteer help, minimal staff, no government funding, no professionals, and at no charge to our Veteran residents.  They laughed and said "it can't be done."
  • Then we said that we're planning to partner with the world-famous  Delancey Street FoundationThey stopped laughing.


The VeteranShield Project is currently in the final development and testing phase; the first production model is expected in early 2016.   For information on how you can reserve a VeteranShield now for only $100, please click here.

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