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                                                                                       ...It's not about glory; it's about Their Story.

Our Philosophy

    Our members are proud of what they do: it is invaluable, honorable, and educational.


    What we do actually makes families proud and happy and enriches their lives; there are no cynical tradeoffs in our work.  

    Our members use our products and services to permanently "save, shield, and share" the priceless memories of their honored Veterans, so that a permanent testament to their service and sacrifice might live forever in our public consciousness.  

    Our dedicated VeteranShield Guardians sleep well at night (particularly over the Memorial and Veterans Day holidays).


   We empower families and communities to publicly honor their Veterans in a creative manner.  

    By helping military Veterans and their spouses and children to tell and preserve their wartime stories, we provide a cathartic means for families to reconnect and share those personal experiences, together with their friends, relatives, and neighbors; therefore, we truly feel that the VeteranShield Project provides the most authentic way possible to permanently recognize the service and sacrifices of all our Veterans and their families within our communities.

    The increased family understanding, pride, strengthened relationships, and post-war healing that results from our work is a source of joy for us.


    We are in awe of the power of the digital revolution in the realms of modern photography, wide-format printing, and online publishing, and the resulting explosion in digital memory preservation. 
    We strive to utilize this new power to effect a complete upgrading of the Veterans and Memorial Day Holidays across America.

    We feel that the public display of VeteranShields throughout our nation's communities on those sacred and solemn days should become a new American holiday tradition: a tradition of local education and appreciation.  

    Our goal is to work together with communities, Veteran's organizations, schools and teachers in every way possible, to ensure that our nationwide membership can quickly grow and build upon such a worthwhile annual tradition, and to fully support and encourage the personal preservation and sharing of historically significant images and documents related to our nation's Veterans.  

    In our own unique way, we hope our educational Project will help to stem the loss - and increase the appreciation - of priceless generational memories.  Towards that goal, the VeteranShield Project is a true intergenerational education initiative, designed specifically to secure and share the remembrance of all our nation's Veterans "through the ages", by supporting ongoing education efforts across all generations on the local grassroots level.


The VeteranShield Project is currently in the final development and testing phase; the first production model is expected in early 2016.   For information on how you can reserve a VeteranShield now for only $100, please click here.

 The Virtual Volunteer Program   

    To support the introduction of the VeteranShield Project, we are currently looking for a number of part-time Virtual Volunteers willing to help us out by designing individual VeteranShield collages, while working remotely from their home studio or office.  If you're a dedicated digital scrapper, amateur digital collage artist, or digital designer who is also willing to make a serious committment* to supporting our nonprofit mission, we'd love to hear from you, no matter where you live in the U.S.  All volunteers will receive full recognition and standard compensation** for expenses.  This volunteer project is ideal for any designers or digital collage artists who desire to work from their home studio, or to assist others within their communities, and also receive recognition for their efforts at local VeteranShield meetups, designer and artist parties, events and National Conventions.  Please contact us at for further information. 

*NOTE: "serious committment" to us means that, at a minimum, a volunteer is willing to first commit to becoming a full supporting member of the VeteranShield Project, by: A) funding and creating a VeteranShield to honor a Veteran in your family or community, to serve as an example of your personal values and design skills, and B) agreeing to annually display that Veteranshield in your hometown over the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays.

**NOTE: "standard compensation" rate for volunteer expenses is a minimum of $25.00 per completed collage, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

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