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                                                                                       ...It's not about glory; it's about Their Story.

Our Vision (Part II)

"Save me, Shield me, Share me
...and I will Live Forever."


"Shield Me" providing my memories with a safe and secure repository

    A critical function of the VeteranShield is that it is able to literally “shield” a Veteran’s memories within itself, through the provision of a built-in storage area consisting of 4 standard (8 ½” x 11” x 1 ¼”) weather-tight compartments, specially designed to safely contain a Veteran’s journals (handwritten or digital), blog books, hardbound digital photo books, digital media (video and audio DVDs, etc.), medals, military records and memorabilia.  All storage compartments are easily accessible from the rear of the VeteranShield. 

In addition, we’re now able to offer Veterans of all ages -- and their families -- the opportunity to quickly and easily transfer all of their military memories in any existing format (whether historical photographs, slides, or negatives, or modern digital images, blogs, and online journals) directly into a handsome hardbound book, ready for safe placement and storage inside the back of their own customized VeteranShield. 

    Use of the VeteranShield insures that all those irreplaceable materials will be safely and efficiently stored in a large and memorable item that is not easily misplaced or lost; in fact, because most families will naturally want to keep their VeteranShield(s) handy (ex: typically stored next to their outdoor decorations for Christmas or Hanukkah), the VeteranShield will always remain easily available, so that it can be quickly and easily taken out and hung up for outdoor display at least twice each year (during the Memorial Day and/or Veterans Day holidays), rather than buried and forgotten in the back of a self-storage facility.

"Share Me"
...and let my story come alive in the online Hall of Honor

    The final element in the VeteranShield "triad of remembrance" is provided by the online VeteranShield Hall of Honor, which -- besides providing the safest possible long-term back-up and storage available -- will also enable the entire world to fully share in and experience the incredible variety and richness of detail inherent in every VeteranShield collage.

    Each VeteranShield - and the individual images used in it's creation - shall be included in the online Hall of Honor gallery,  Visitors will be able to browse or search for any VeteranShield by selecting from a number of standard taxonomic variables (such as Name, Hometown, Conflict, Branch of Service, Unit, etc.), or searching an unlimited number of folksonomic community tags.  The site will be divided into both public and private areas, and VeteranShield members will be able to leave private or public messages for individual VeteranShield Guardians. 

    The VeteranShield Hall of Honor site will be reserved exclusively for the hosting and display of the high-definition, large format (24" x 36") collages (and related images) of military Veterans.  It will offer the highest degree of military dignity, respect and remembrance possible, in a manner not currently available anywhere else on the internet, especially in comparison to such standard commercial "photo-sharing" websites as Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery, etc.  Absolutely no advertising will be allowed.


The VeteranShield Project is currently in the final development and testing phase; the first production model is expected in early 2016.   For information on how you can reserve a VeteranShield now for only $100, please click here.

 The Virtual Volunteer Program   

    To support the introduction of the VeteranShield Project, we are currently looking for a number of part-time Virtual Volunteers willing to help us out by designing individual VeteranShield collages, while working remotely from their home studio or office.  If you're a dedicated digital scrapper, amateur digital collage artist, or digital designer who is also willing to make a serious committment* to supporting our nonprofit mission, we'd love to hear from you, no matter where you live in the U.S.  All volunteers will receive full recognition and standard compensation** for expenses.  This volunteer project is ideal for any designers or digital collage artists who desire to work from their home studio, or to assist others within their communities, and also receive recognition for their efforts at local VeteranShield meetups, designer and artist parties, events and National Conventions.  Please contact us at for further information. 

*NOTE: "serious committment" to us means that, at a minimum, a volunteer is willing to first commit to becoming a full supporting member of the VeteranShield Project, by: A) funding and creating a VeteranShield to honor a Veteran in your family or community, to serve as an example of your personal values and design skills, and B) agreeing to annually display that Veteranshield in your hometown over the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays.

**NOTE: "standard compensation" rate for volunteer expenses is a minimum of $25.00 per completed collage, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

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